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Welcome to the new and improved C&P Software home page. 

I am currently redesigning the site to be more content rich and user friendly.  I hope that you like it and that you will visit often.  Fell free to visit the contact us page to send us your feedback about what you like and what we could improve upon as well. 

Thanks for visiting...

Current Site hightlights

  • In the menu, on left of the page, you will notice a link to my blogs - this is where I will talk about different projects that I am involved in either professionnally (Software Architect for Urban Outfitters Inc.) or also at home where I like to tinker with smaller but more fun software projects.

Current Projects

  • I am currently working on a WebSphere MQ Queue Depth Alert system.
  • As well, I am into creating Java Web Start applications, so if you would like to give me some idea on a nice little applications that you need to do somthing useful, please contact me thru the "contact us" page.  


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Paul Fortin