Why Choose C&P?

C&P holds true that if we practice the following 7 tenets of good consulting, the business will take care of itself. After all it was Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald’s that said: “Take care of the customers and business will take care of itself”. C&P’s tenets are:

One: First do no harm

Discussed in the About page, this simply means to do what is best for the customer and not for C&P. We beleive that sometimes doing nothing is the best solution.

Two: Have a good plan.

You cannot do any good in the software development environent without a plan and a consultant without a plan is doomed to fail in whatever he/she undertakes. So make sure that even if you do NOT hire C&P your consultant has a plan.

Three: Make a Realistic Estimate

This is the most critical part of software development. Often consultants underestimate to get the job and then once they have it they nickel and dime their customer so that they will loose money. C&P prides itself in giving as accurate as estimate as possible from the beginning so and to monitor that estimate with the customer all the way along the project so everyone is aware of the current status.

Four: Great Understanding of Requirements

Often from the onset of a project all the requirements are not clear and the consultant goes off on a tangent without being exactly sure of what the customer wants in the first place. Maybe the customer is not sure of what he wants. This is were a true professional consultant shines. Extracting the needs of the customer prior to starting the construction of a system.

Five: Make Time for Testing

Make time in the proposal for testing and fixing the problems. To often consultants forget the testing aspect of any software project. This is so important and yet so much overlooked. At C&P we think that providing our customers a solid application is so important we made part of our culture to test first and code second!

Six: Make a Communication Plan

Wherever the work occurs is less important that how you are made aware of what is happening. C&P will develop with you a communications plan that suits YOUR needs and makes you confortable with the progress of your project.

Seven: Gather Feedback

This is possibly the most important point of all. C&P cannot tell how well you are doing if I do not ask you? From project requirements to design to construction and delivery, C&P will agressively seek your input and make sure that your project is actually moving in the direction that you want it to.